Anxiety Counsellor in South Melbourne

sleep difficulty, relaxation, phobias, anger management

Often people who present themselves as extremely stressed are rewarded in workplaces for their effort, persistence and hard work. Research displays that stress is helpful up to a point and then it quickly loses its effectiveness.

When people feel overwhelmed by their stress they begin to experience serious symptoms, which can start with disturbed sleep and finish with serious physical ailments. Often clients experience extreme with a sense of tunnel vision in their minds, ruminating thoughts and a fear of the future (general or specific events). People also commonly report a sense of tightness in the chest, difficulty breathing or even significant body pain.

These symptoms can be the consequence of any of the numerous types of anxiety; social anxiety, phobias to specific objects, general anxiety, obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors, changes in diet or other thoughts, feelings or behaviors.

Remy works with anxiety using a variety of techniques, including mindfulness, relaxation training, meditation training, Cognitive Behavior therapy and Hypnosis. In addition, as part of therapy you will be asked to complete homework assignments, sometimes these will be novel, other times mundane, but always helpful.

If you have Anxiety, and are seeking a professional Counsellor in Melbourne, please feel free to contact Remy today.