General Issues

self esteem, confidence, life transitions, work-life balance, pain management

People often seek counselling when they feel low more often than they think is normal, and/or more than they have in the past. Sometimes there are real reasons for these feelings and clients seek a therapist to help them manage. Other clients find that they are uncertain why they are feeling down or feel they are experiencing anxiety or low mood for reasons that they expect to be able to manage.

After engaging in therapy with Remy, you will become more in tune with yourself, experience greater acceptance of who you are, how you function and how you manage difficult emotions and persistent thoughts.

Initially, therapy on these issues is often confronting as you experience the reality of your situation. People can experience their emotions and thoughts as pressure building up. Therapy will open the floodgates and despite the initial difficulty, this release will help you move forward in your life. This pattern occurs much like the new rivers that form following the breaking of a dam.