Habit Control through Hypnosis, South Melbourne

quit smoking, alcohol, nail biting

BE CERTAIN, we all have habits. Without them we could not live, life would be overwhelming. Not all habits are constructive and helpful, sometimes bad habits emerge that were once helpful and positive. However over time a good habit can pass its used by date and persist as a negative influence on your life.

We work with you to learn about your habits. We help you to understand the timeline of the habit and to experientially understand what happens before, during and after the habit behavior. Armed with these skills, in time you will manage to evaluate your own habit, and empower yourself to learn more adaptive habits for your current life situation.

Hypnotherapy is especially helpful for working with your habits, to experience managing urges, to reinforce new, more constructive and adaptive habits and to give you the choice of what habits you wish to include in your future.

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