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Welcome to our website!

Here you will find information about Remy Lindner as well as FREE helpful hints and psychological tools he has created to help you achieve the life you want.

Remy Lindner is a registered psychologist in Melbourne, Australia and has a private practice in South Melbourne. Remy works with all clients, suffering with any concern and from any background. However Remy also specialises particularly in Anxiety issues, pain management, communication difficulties and life direction/transitions.

This Helpful Hints section of our website will contain brief pointers to assist you in your life. The Helpful Hints will cover various topics and issues and will provide you with some tools you need to manage a difficult time in your life or a chronic complaint. Remy will draw on his professional experience and the current research in psychology to give you the best chance at thriving in whichever part of your life you wish.

If there is a specific topic you wish Remy to cover, email him and he will endeavor to cover the topic as soon as possible. If you are interested in booking for treatment with Remy in South Melbourne you can call (03) 9690 7666.

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