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Our services:

Psychological services provided by Remy are supported by Medicare. To find out if you are eligible to receive the $80.50 Medicare rebate, you need to contact your GP and discuss whether a mental health care plan is relevant to you.

With your GP, you will discuss your situation and create a treatment plan. If psychological services are appropriate, your GP will refer you to a psychologist. You may choose a specific psychologist who has a Medicare provider number, or your GP will direct you to a mental health practitioner they recommend.

In addition, many private health insurers provide rebates for psychology services if you have the appropriate insurance plan.

Clients are responsible for settling their accounts after each session and can get their rebate refund immediately through Medicare.

For further information, please contact Remy.

Remy provides therapy for acute and chronic anxiety, phobia, stress management, relaxation training, depression, grief, life transitions, relationship difficulties, anger management, pain management, habit control, hypnotherapy.

ANXIETY (sleep difficulty, relaxation, phobias, anger management)

ISSUES (self esteem, life transitions, work-life balance, pain management)


HABIT CONTROL (smoking / alcohol)